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Intimate Weddings for Intimate Moments

Love overcomes obstacles, even in a pandemic. That’s why, even amidst challenging times, engaged
couples are going ahead with their wedding plans, albeit on a smaller scale.

“An intimate wedding is basically a small wedding with around 20 to 50 guests, composed of the
immediate family of the bride and groom, and some of their closest friends as well. The wedding is often celebrated by having a meal together with a band playing, or there’s background music, while some drinks are served, so that guests will feel more at home during the reception,” says Catherine Roa Pegenia of Agot’s Restaurant & Catering Services.

“It’s more appropriate to the present situation we are in now,” adds Princess Apple Vidal of Princess Apple Events. “An intimate wedding is more about creating the best memories in an event attended by people closest to the bride and groom.”

Intimate weddings may have fewer guests, but it doesn’t mean it is any less special, exciting and memorable. As a matter of fact, a smaller crowd allows for more opportunities for the couple to spend quality time and to closely interact with every guest. With fewer people to entertain, the program can be very laid-back and informal. Sometimes, there’s no program at all.

Because of a smaller guest list, a soon-to-wed couple can choose from a wide selection of venues that can accommodate their wedding plans. This flexibility also allows for lower costs on expenses. “Because they’ve chosen an intimate wedding, the couples end up saving a part of their budget. With the extra money, some couples plan to spend it on a bigger celebration later on,” shares Ruffa Clemente of Moments by Ruffa Events Management.

In response to the times, the observance of the required safety protocols is easier to apply and monitor during intimate weddings. Furthermore, an intimate crowd is more manageable, and less stressful to take care of. Thus, that’s one less worry for the wedding couple and their production team.

Intimate weddings are getting to be the norm nowadays since it’s an event that can create beautiful moments with your loved ones amidst the current challenges. As one couple shared, “the pandemic didn’t hinder the most important people in our lives to come and attend our wedding.” And Club Ananda makes this possible because the couples’ happiness is what really matters most.

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